Serie B9 Yun

Series B9 Yun

Series B9 Yun

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Inspired by the Japanese tradition of hammered steel blades, this series is designed to offer instruments with a classic, ergonomic design, the result of a decade of continuous improvement thanks to the feedback from our loyal customers. The B9 Series boasts a rosewood grip adorned with a triple riveting. Full tang knives, incorporate the extremely sharp 67-layer damask blade with 10Cr15CoMoV steel core, with a very high carbon and chrome content. The steel of these blades is one of the main elements of pride for XinZuo for its exceptional hardness (durability of the blade edge) and sharpness. The damask processing with 316L steel gives the blade excellent levels of flexibility and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Xinzuo Series B9Yun

B9Yun Set

B9Yun 240mm Carving knife

B9 Yun 210mm Carving Knife

B9Yun Chef Knife

B9Yun Bread Knife

B9Yun Santoku Knife

B9Yun Pairing Knife

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